The Downtown Loop

Directed by Meghan Finn


October - November 2013

Featuring: Greg Carere, Keelie A. Sheridan, Sarah Mollo-Christensen, Mia Jessup, Robert Metz, Sam Soghor and Hakan Tolga Polat.

Courtesy of Time Out

Courtesy of Time Out

Courtesy of NYTimes

Courtesy of NYTimes



"Mr. Gassman is a licensed city tour guide and his authority infuses this play...Mr [Greg] Carere displays marathon stamina as the main character, whose oratory encompasses historical fact, poetic fancy, and alternately resentful and affectionate opinions of the city." 

-The New York Times




Tourists and locals alike would be well advised to skip the double decker bus departing from midtown and hop on the virtual ride conjured up by this group of inventive artists. Much like the city itself, the show is one part humor, two parts heartbreak, and unflichingly honest."

-Theatre Is Easy


"Gassman can certainly write. Carere [Tour Guide] announces an approaching building: “Ahead, a honeycomb of concentrated capitalism!” and he exchanges clever dialogue with a trainee (sweet, plucky Sam Soghor, who plays his role as though he is stoned sideways)."

-Time Out New York


"Gassman’s ear for language has been perfectly developed from years of listening to the New Yorkers on the streets, as well as the foreigners and tourists atop the double decker buses of the City’s tour conglomerates."

-The Brooklyn Rail



Directed by Julia Jarcho

E. 13th St. Rep, NYC

July 2010

Featuring: Ariel Stess, Kristen Kosmas, Sam Soghor, and Ruy Iskander. And with Richard Toth as Mussolini.



Directed by Brandon Woolf

Dixon Place, NYC

November 2015

Featuring: Eshan Bay, Jordan Baum, Mia Jessup, and Rivka Rivera

With Javier A. Ramos on the bongos