A Queens Style Hobo Story





A young man from outer borough NYC heads south on freight trains the summer after he graduates high school and just before the World Trade Center is attacked. This is a one-person, multi-character play examining intersections of race, class, animosity and generosity in the lands east of the Mississippi River at the turn of the millennium. 




the downtown loop



4M, 2W


At the intersection of tour and play, The Downtown Loop is a love letter to the city of New York on infinite repeat, with frequent interruption.  




Botte di Ferro



2W, 2M

& An Accordion Player


Friendship. Pizza. Desire. Pizza. Anger. Pizza. Desire. Pizza. An on again off again couple try to make sense of themselves and each other across twenty slip-sliding years, a medley of new communication tools, and one night in Naples where it all seems right. 







6M, 3W


In a subway tunnel under the Jewish Daily Forward Building and Wu's Wonton King, misdemeanor plans are sidelined by mystical interruptions. 






Short Play (35 minutes)

2W, 3Any


The biblical Esther encounters Margharita Sarfatti, Mussolini's Jewish mistress, just as racial laws are about to be passed in fascist Italy in 1938. 




Yap Yap


Short Play (25 minutes)

4 Actors (Any Gender)

1 Percussionist


Year 57 of the Revolution. Year 56 of the Embargo. 

Street hustle, geopolitics, and pressed sandwiches.




Haircuts For Men & Boys



10-17M (There is room for some double and triple casting)


A new place called Social Club is about to open up next to the barbershop, but nobody can figure out whose social club it is. Fair prices, close shaves and complicated syntax in a changing Queens neighborhood.